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Developer description

Cannon Crasha is a game where two opposing castles fight against each other on a battlefield. The goal is to destroy the enemy with a comically large cannon, armed units and a plethora of spells!
Each castle's destruction is shown in real time and allows you to plan your cannon shots carefully by using the right artillery, taking into account the constantly shifting wind and aiming for the essential parts of your enemy's castle. Under your command you have armed units that can be rushed towards your enemy and also defend yourself with various maneuvers and spells.

Cannon Crasha is an addictive game and these are some of the reasons you'll love it too:
- 40 different levels that span over 4 unique worlds when you play the campaign
- Interactive comics & witty dialogues throughout each campaign make the game more enjoyable
- 3 game modes, Campaign (fight against the AI), Arena and 2 Players (fight against a friend in multi-player mode on tablets)
- In-game store that lets you buy visual upgrades (vanity store) and also consumable items
- Achievements that unlock rewards & competitive leaderboards via Google Play Services
- Custom soundtrack, featuring a unique mix of chip-tune & orchestral music
- Detailed pixel art with lots of colors, charm & Easter eggs
- 20+ hours of content filled with unlockables and secrets, can you find them all?

Cannon Crasha is available for free on Google Play:

Last updated 6 Aug 2015