Developer description

Cannonball Bingo takes bingo games in a bold new direction with 20 unique animated power-ups, unparalleled arcade action style play, 3D game-play and graphics, mini games, and more cards to play. It is currently FREE to play on Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices. In the next week, it will also be available in the Facebook game-room.

Players race the clock as they try to score as many bingos as possible before time runs out. Each card has up to 3 regular bingos, and one blackout bingo on it. If a ball is called that isn't on the player's cards, the player uses the “SKIP” button, skipping to the next ball as there are no spaces left to daub.

Play up to 10 cards at once and BINGO up to four times on each card. Completely covering the card in daubs lets you call the blackout bingo. Getting 5 Blackout bingos will win you the MEGA BLACKOUT BINGO, or try to Blackout 10 cards for the ULTRA BLACKOUT BINGO.

20 awesome 3D animated Power-Ups help make what should be a simple bingo game more exciting, and help tilt the odds in your favor to rack up more bingos.

Last updated 30 Nov 2017

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