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CannyBill is a complete online ordering and invoicing service making transactions and sales ... More

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Published 13 Oct 2011

For the fluent Geordie speakers out there (north east England) you’ll know what I mean when I say the name of this app is about right, it certainly looks ˈcannyˈ enough. For those living south of Hadrians Wall a rough translation of the word would be ˈgoodˈ and defined as ˈhaving pleasant attributesˈ.

English lesson over, there are enough pleasant attributes to CannyBill to interest any business looking for an easy to use system for taking orders and selling, billing and collecting, client management and marketing too. Add to that a range of reports that show you how your business is doing and it all adds up to a pretty comprehensive package that starts at  just £4.99 ($7) a month for businesses with 20 active clients.

For your money you’ll be able to create estimates and invoices and set automatic reminders for overdue accounts. This function can also suspend an account at a pre-set date past due. Customers are automatically given their own admin panel on CannyBill when they sign up to any your products and can view order and account status and pay online.

Order forms can be incorporated into any website and it’s also possible to sell digital downloads either in a .zip file, PDF or MP3. These are downloadable directly from the customers own admin panel.

Attracting business is a constant requirement for any online business and CannyBill can help with that too. The system can generate email campaigns for general distribution or plant more targeted messages that will appear on a customer’s account when they log in.

There are a lot of good things on this site and I’m tempted for just a second to drag you back to the English lesson. Canny can also mean shrewd so you if you’re considering signing up to this one you could be making a very canny decision of your own.

With lots of good stuff and an easy looking format it’s time to hoy* those spreadsheets away! *throw

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