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Capital Hive is a web application that lets you test and share investing strategies.
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Published 27 Aug 2011

Ever wondered what it would be like to trade thousands of dollars in the shares of multi-national businesses? Or do you have an eye for a well performing company and would like to earn some money from sharing your investment ideas?

Capital Hive is a new virtual investment vehicle providing two services. The first allows anyone having what they consider to be a good portfolio idea to create it on the site and then make virtual trades in the sale and purchase of shares. The performance of the portfolio is then tracked by Capital Hive’s processes in the same way as it would be if it were for real using actual market data and applicable trading rules.

The portfolio can remain private to the creator, however if it subsequently proves to be a flyer it can be made public. This is where the opportunity to make some real money comes in.

Anyone searching the site for investment ideas can subscribe to follow a public portfolio for a given monthly fee. The information gleaned can then of course be used to enhance or steer their real trading account activity.


Portfolio creators can enjoy a subscription fee split of 70/30 in their favour with all of the associated management handled by Capital Hive and channelled through PayPal. At the moment, with the site still undergoing pre-launch testing, it is free to subscribe and will remain so for three months. Thereafter, the minimum/maximum level charged will be down to individual portfolio...