Developer description

Captain Dash is a Data Analytics Start-up based in Paris, France. They have recently launched an iPad app which gathers data from sources like Foursquare, Microsoft Atlas, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter. It then displays all of it on one screen as different widgets. If you choose to do so, you can make different customized dashboards. These can even be interactive and will allow you to see all of your widgets together.

The app tracks specific metrics such as web traffic, social platforms, marketing spending, sales and KPI. It enables the user to drill deep into their data from their social media sites and gather improved knowledge from the analysis. It is aimed at companies that are heavily involved in digital marketing, and for this they can use 20 free data source connections. Anything past this is subscription based. The app is superhero themed which differentiates us from our competitors, with superb design and layout all added in too.

Last updated 19 Jun 2013

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