Developer description

Capture is an app to help you learn more about your carbon emissions from everyday life - reducing CO2 where you can, and responsibly offsetting emissions you can't avoid.

There are many categories of life where our actions result in CO2 emissions, and Capture is starting with helping you to reduce & remove emissions from everyday mobility choices.

Whether you’re taking a car, bus, plane, or bicycle, Capture will use GPS information to predict CO2 emissions & give you insights into your Carbon footprint. We are available to use in over 100 countries - download Capture and start improving today.

Using Capture is easy. If you're interested to calculate your carbon emissions in real time, here’s how it works.

- Download and signup by answer a few questions about your lifestyle to establish your baseline carbon footprint

- Review your live emission information whenever you want, and see the breakdown from your different mobility choices

- Choose your favourite offsetting project.

- Offset-as-you-go at the end of each month. You’ll get a monthly receipt by email.

Capture can work for you in any part of the world, however the accuracy of emissions calculation may vary a little depending on where you are using the app.

Last updated 12 Mar 2020

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