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"CarBuzz is a one-stop shop for everything automotive, including the latest news and trending topics, and a complete guide to making car-buying decisions easier. CarBuzz is the result of a team of gearheads wanting to share their passion for cars, so the portal was founded in 2010 as a premier car-related app available on both Android and iOS. CarBuzz has a global readership, with a team of enthusiasts dedicated to sourcing the most accurate, most interesting, and most entertaining information available.

With its finger on the pulse, CarBuzz picks up on trends, reveals, and launches as they happen, posting around the clock to keep you informed. Our team of professionals also share opinion pieces based on their extensive insider knowledge and years of experience, covering everything from automotive history and culture, new technology, and car advice, to aftermarket tuners.

More than just this, CarBuzz also strives to help make buying a car a stress-free experience. With a complete Buyer’s Guide and BuzzScore rating system, you can get an in-depth look at new and used cars available in the USA. We cover performance, safety, gas mileage ratings, and pricing, so you can find the right car for you. Comprehensive reviews, based on intensive test drives, identify the pros and cons of each vehicle.

A nifty comparison tool helps you to narrow down your choice by stacking core rivals against each other - find out which one comes out on top for performance, fuel economy, safety, or cargo space. And, if you’re looking to buy a used car, a car-finder function will help you locate the best deals near you."

Last updated 19 Oct 2022

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