Developer description

Card Twister is an expanding app-based party game.

Enter your names and choose a game mode.

With each game you will be given a question or game from any of the below classic or custom party games:

- Charades
- Most likely to
- Never have I ever
- Truth / Dare
- Spin the bottle
- Tongue twisters
- Finish the vine
- Vote categories (thumbs up, thumbs down)
- Wink Murder
- Two Truths and a Lie

... with more to come.

Play now for free on IOS -

Game Modes
There are currently three game modes to play and more soon to join them.

1. First Orders
As the name suggests, this is a great mode for getting any party started. Dust off the cobwebs and get the conversation flowing with cards like

Example Card: Blue player, choose another player and tell them two truths and a lie. This player wins if they can say which was the lie.

2. XXX
Are you hard to offend and want to give the night a naughty twist? This mode is for you. With cards like:

Charades - You have 30 seconds to act out the following:
- Being arrested.
- One nightstand.

Never have I ever - You lose a point if you have ever…
- Thought of someone in this room in a sexual way

Dare - Sit on the player to your right’s lap for the next three cards.

3. Generation Z
One for the iPhone generation. Love the mid to late 1990s to the early 2010s? This set is for you. With cards like:

Most likely to - All players must point at the player they think is the most likely to do the following. Whoever gets the most votes loses.

Most likely to...
- Tweet their argument to the world
- Be the person in a horror movie to suggest splitting up

Never have I ever - You lose a point if you have ever…
- Thrown up whilst standing at the bar
- Stalked an ex on social media

Last updated 7 Feb 2022

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