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Published 25 Aug 2022

There’s a golf course out the back of my house and, inevitably, I spend a fair bit of time watching people play. Some players are pretty fit with golf skills to match but the vast majority of players that I see are just regular ‘once-a-week’ players who may be a little unfit and have a dreadful swing. As a consequence, it’s always a good idea to keep one’s eyes peeled for the odd hook or slice that could well see a stray ball heading in your direction. Watch them after they’ve played a shot and you’ll see the way they feel for the odd ache and pain before forlornly searching for their ball in the rough.

As in all sports, to be good at the game requires a bit more than hiring a set of clubs and a golf buggy. To improve one’s game - and surely that’s the aim of all sports people - one needs to prepare the body. CardioGolf™ Online Studio is a virtual golf and fitness platform packed with a variety of workouts to help golfers of all levels improve their game whilst getting a great workout at the same time. It’s designed by Master LPGA Professional and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Karen Palacios-Jansen. Karen has created hundreds of streamable golf and fitness workouts so that you can get fit while you practice your game from your home, your office or anywhere else that you have a computer, a phone or a smart device.

With CardioGolf, you won’t need a ball, a set of clubs, a driving range or an expensive professional trainer to practice your swing and you won’t even need to hit a ball. Whenever you have a spare moment you can add a few swing drills to your day and you’ll soon notice a dramatic improvement in your game when you actually get onto the golf course. To get the best out of your body as well as your game, golfers should probably address a number of different exercises and workouts to build their overall fitness. There are seven physical performance factors that are crucial to every golf-conditioning program and they are posture, balance, mobility, stability, power, coordination and endurance. All seven are dealt with here.

According to the experts, the ideal way to train to get the best out of your golf game is to use a technique known as periodization - or seasonal training - where training is varied at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in physical performance. There are hundreds of unique workouts in CardioGolf with each one concentrating on a different element to keep you at the top of your golf game. Let’s face it, there are many different elements to a successful golf game whether it be your swing, the uphill or downhill lie of the ball or that tricky shot from the bunker. There’s a workout here that will prepare your body for each.

So, how does CardioGolf differ from a regular workout, I hear you ask? Well, most workouts take place on level ground and tend to train one’s joints and muscles accordingly. Karen’s workouts are designed to help the body cope with the slopes and uneven surfaces of a real golf course.

CardioGolf really came into its own during the Covid years. With so many golfers stuck at home and not able to get onto a real golf course, here was the perfect way to keep fit and to tone the body for their return to the game. Many noticed a significant difference in both their fitness and their swing game when they finally returned to regular playing with less injuries, better stamina and an all-round better game. Reviews of CardioGolf from professionals and regular golfers are glowing and it is perfect for all ages and all levels of golfing ability. It’s available now for Android at Google Play with in app purchases also available.

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