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Published 4 Jan 2012

This one has had some reasonably good user ratings and it’s easy to understand why if you’re one of those people that carry around a wallet that resembles a back-pack. Never mind the cash inside it’s usually all of those loyalty and membership cards that bulk it out meaning that you can no longer slip it inside a back pocket and sit in any comfort.Well, you can now regain your posture with this smart little app that enables you to get the information required on most of your loyalty and membership cards transferred onto you mobile phone. Now, instead of fumbling around with a pile of plastic when you want that discount or entry to the club, you can wave your phone at the assistant instead.

The service is free and by signing up you can enter the details of your cards which will then be recorded forever with your account numbers and a barcode for scanning by the relevant outlet. The system will even show you the location of the nearest store for any of the cards you have and with the contact details at hand you can call them in an instant too.

There are a couple of exceptions to the type of cards you can use with Cardmobili but future developments might well see these issues overcome. At the moment the system doesn’t accommodate cards that simultaneously act as payment cards or those where the retailer adds reward points directly onto the card.

That said, the system is bound to shift some of the plastic from your wallet and with a function that can also provide coupon details directly to your mobile phone even more capacity will be freed up for important stuff like money and that cute photo of your kids!


With one more thing to add to your mobile phone the wallet is rapidly becoming a collector’s item and undoubtedly something that will be viewed as a strange artefact in the museums of the world in years to come! 


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