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Published 11 Aug 2013

[cont'd] a customized Care4teen safe browser with mobile activity reports. Specifically, the app features a safe web browser that prohibits dangerous sites and tracks activity, a mobile reporting tool that keeps track of the websites visited.
Care4teen is the first parental control app that is actually based around parent care groups and features a 4 Step way of achieving parental protection and a safer internet environment for your children online.  Firstly, parents unite into care groups according to their interests, beliefs and your understanding of safe content -  all you have to do is to join the group that best suits your child. Group members then get together and create safe filters based on the individual group's principles - meaning that your child is then fully protected using the filters of the selected group. In truth, the best protection for your child online lies with the parent and all of Care4teen's parents are highly involved in the process of protecting kids - whether their own or a fellow members - and parents rate and share details about websites as soon as they appear on the app's database. Online protection for children is right up there on top as priority one at the moment. Time to do your bit?