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Published 30 Nov 2012

If you've read any of the Malcolm Gladwell books or articles in the New Yorker you will probably think that all you have to do when you go for your next job interview is to stride in confidently looking your interviewer in the eye and shake their hand. According to Gladwell, that first impression is the thing that is going to swing it for you. While I fully recommend that approach in interviews you still are going to need an impressive resume to go with your new found confidence. Career Igniter is a clear, concise and simple to use free resume creation application that puts all your information in the right place and gives you a better chance of being successful in your application.
There are many resume building apps that we at FeedMyApp have reviewed in the past. Resoomay and Interactive Resume Maker come to mind immediately. Career Igniter is a much simpler tool than either of them and lets you create a step-by-step professional resume the easy way - by doing it online. Many resume builders online appear to be free until you are ready to download it to your computer and then you are presented with a bill to finalize it but this one is free all the way down the line. You don't need to create an account - just fill out the information on the resume builder and include  your education, skill, work experience and references. During this process, Career Igniter offers a helpful tips section with sensible and intelligent advice to help guide you through the resume process and give you a better idea of what to enter. This gives you a better idea on what to include in the resume and shows you  how to create a great impression with your first paragraph and lets you know how far back you should include employment details. You'll then be able to save the resume to your computer for easy access in the future. Career Igniter has created  an online resume builder to help you build a professional resume without having to deal with the hassle of using resume templates. Just enter in your information and you will be able to generate a resume in Microsoft® Word format!
Whether you go along with Gladwell's theory or not, there is no denying that your resume is the thing that an employer is going to base their first impression  of you on. If your resume isn't up to scratch, it's reckoned that 70% of them get chucked in the bin to concentrate on the 3% that are well organized and they are the ones that get called in for an interview. Career Igniter also offers a job search tool to help you find job openings in your area. When there are simple and easy to use, free resume creators like this one around it seems a bit silly to use a paid service. Career Igniter gives you just what you want.

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