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Published 9 Dec 2011

Are you hankering for a change of employment? Do you have an idea of the business you want to work for? Maybe you've got this idea in your head of working for a specific company but dont really know much about them. Well CareerBliss is an employment app that can help you out there by providing company reviews by real employees, detailed salary information, local job opportunities and goes out of its way to help you find a job that makes you happy!

CareerBliss began with one mission in mind. To help people find joy in life through happiness in the workplace. They do this by offering absolutely free resources for anyone looking for support in making an educated career decision - whether it’s your first job or a major career transition. They have amassed reviews from over 600,000 companies with around 7 million salaries logged and over 3 million local job listings With that many reviews you can be sure to find real and honest opinions about working at the company you desire. CareerBliss averages out the review BlissFinder score for each company and lets you see how each company ranks in happiness compared to the industry as a whole. The company reviews also tell you what the employee liked and dislike about the company as well as advice for candidates looking for a position at that company. They have also compiled information on 7 million salaries and this number is constantly growing. The salaries widget tool not only generates the salaries for a given job title or company but also allows you to compare the salaries with the industry average. If you are considering a new position or just received your salary offer you can use this tool to research your current market value based on job title and years of experience. You can research salaries based on companies or location as well.

The best part about the CareerBliss free employment app is that all the salary scales and job reviews are submitted by real people in real jobs. It's vast databank is often used as the basis for analysis by most of the bigger news outlets including Fox and CNN. CareerBliss is a simple to use but complex tool that gives you more inside information whether you are thinking about changing your job or just comparing your own job position with similar job positions out there. All in all, CareerBliss is a worthy entrant into the employment app community with a plethora of information and reviews submitted by the people that real matter. People like yourself.

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