Developer description

Job boards have become very ineffective, and it’s exceedingly difficult for job seekers to get noticed by blindly submitting resumes online. In contrast, employee referrals are considered the most desirable source of hire, and are the number one source in hiring volume. Studies show that candidates referred by friends are up to 54 times more likely to be hired than those applying via a job board. These candidates, who come with a trusted built-in recommendation, have a much better chance of actually landing the job.

CareerSonar is a social job discovery startup that ranks all jobs available online by the strength of your inside connections, making it easy to leverage your contacts to get hired. Users simply login with their Facebook and LinkedIn and create their ‘Sonar’ based on keywords they are interested in. Then, the site takes all jobs from across the web (from both job boards and corporate career sites) and using a patent-pending method, sorts them so that the most relevant jobs (the ones you have the best chances of actually getting), are displayed first, in order.

Last updated 22 Mar 2013

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