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A castle, nestled deep in the forests of Stiria. A lonely girl living with her father. Laura ... More

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Published 24 May 2013

Despite the fact that ebooks have taken off to the extent that Amazon's ebooks now sell more digital books than paper ones, I still feel that there is something missing with the format. It's just not the same as picking up a book and reading it from cover-to-cover. The ebook needs to deliver more to convince the rest of us non believers that it has something else to offer besides a kindle. And this iOS application could well be the kind of thing to convince me. Carmilla is a new app by DraculApps (yep, you heard it right) that not only gives you the story of a young vampire girl but also illustrates our imagination with maps, original creepy music and beautiful illustrations that turn the humble ebook concept into something far more interesting.
Carmilla begins in a castle that is nestled deep in the forests of a magical world called Stiria. Our heroine Laura is a lonely girl living with her father. She longs for the company of someone of her own age and, after a sudden scary crash in the middle of the night, a new and mysterious friend enters the house - the very beautiful and quite fascinating Carmilla. The two girls bond quickly and easily but a dark shadow looms over the seemingly peaceful valleys of Stiria and an unknown sickness is dragging young boys and girls to an early death. Laura, meanwhile, is  experiencing strange and disturbing dreams as well as episodes of precognition while Carmilla is wavering between moments of extreme excitement and days of apathy. In a struggle between rationalism and magic and between ancient lore and science, the enemy is never where you would expect and apparently it wields superhuman powers. This unique and riveting ebook with a difference  lets you read how the story unfolds, track events on the ancient map, listen to the music and share illustrations with your friends! The Carmilla experience is available in English, Chinese and Italian.
There were points in their evolution when both the CD and DVD revolution finally took off that signaled the death knell for both the vinyl industry (which funnily enough is having a bit of a renaissance right now) and the video world (which isn't.) The initial release of both formats was taken on by staunch supporters of new technology but the real fans tended to stick to their original formats until they were given something that was too good to turn their noses up at. And that thing was the heaps of extra music on CD's and things like directors commentaries and outtakes on DVD's. By adding to the novel experience with maps and music and letting you share the illustrations with your favorite social networks, Carmilla is just the beginning of the journey for the ebook. And the horror genre is just the place to start with shows like The Walking Dead and True Blood capturing a huge audience. Carmilla is not just a simple ebook. It's a novel new experience.

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