Developer description APP offers an amazingly smooth user interface with engaging features that allows you to book the car of your choice easily without over-exerting yourself. While navigating through the user interface, you can fill in your information such as your email address, booking number, your pick-up date and the return date. You can then find the booking.

The user interface is user friendly. You can switch to your language preference as well as switch between different currencies. This allows you to choose the currency that is applicable based on your geographical position. The user interface also allows you to enter your pick-up location and this will facilitate you to pick the car you have booked more efficiently.

The APP has a search feature that provides a series of search criteria which enables you to find different kinds of cars with their matching rental prices. You can perfectly do a price comparison and make and informed decision based on the magnitude of your wallet. This primarily enables you to save extra money. You are allowed to independently select your best choice of a car. The APP is also a time saving tool.

Last updated 17 Apr 2018