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CarOcean is a new service that contains moto ads about used cars, motorcycles and car parts. It ... More

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Published 17 Jan 2012

CarOcean is a new car advertising app from the United Kingdom that collects moto ads concerning used cars, motorbikes and car parts. It also delivers a very detailed, speedy and advanced search engine that let's you get to the heart of your moto desires by giving you the option to search for your dream car. That means, if you are desperate to buy a cerise colored car, then that's exactly what you can search for. It's a very user friendly and free app that really does make it easy for you to find the perfect motor vehicle for you.

CarOcean is a new service that gives you access to moto ads about used cars, motorcycles and car parts from some of the biggest and most well known motor advertising sites.  It collects ads from many well known websites about cars and generally all things motor related. Where CarOcean differs from many other used vehicle sites  is with it's advanced search engine which enables a search  by our own criteria. If you like you can search by engine, color of the car, year of production, mileage, type of gearbox or chassis as well as by many other particulars. As the database of this service is updated regularly its easier and faster to find the latest advertised adverts.The other great thing about CarOcean is that it is very user friendly service to use with an interface that is simple and clean.

At last look there were over three and a half million cars and over half a million motorbikes advertised in CarOcean so there is no shortage of choice out there. As a consequence, you get a bigger choice of vehicles if you are purely looking for a left hand drive, for example. CarOcean is by no means a picture to look at. However, nor is your regular used car yard if I remember rightly. Its very user friendly and free to use so, next time you are looking for a British Racing Green Lotus with right hand drive you'll know where to go. Oh and good luck on the last one...

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