Developer description

CarPool is an exciting new racing and action hybrid game for IOS mobile devices and is now available on Apple's App Store. CarPool features a brand new style of game play and is free to download and play.

Vibeway's Founder Ben Rodefer said "We were looking to create something brand new yet still familiar feeling and fun. So many casual games today are either the match 3 or endless runner style and I thought it made sense and would be exciting to start a small design studio that would focus on developing fresh and unique types of games, create something new for players."

CarPool is Vibeway's first release and was in development for 8 months. "We actually started with a different game, Space Rescue (which is set for release next Spring) but became so excited by the concept for CarPool and the underlying game play's potential that we immediately switched gears." Rodefer said.

CarPool features:

* Brand new style of mobile game play. Swipe all cars, truck, planes and UFOs to their right corners!
* Added features and new Special Series the further you progress into the game.
* Collect premium vehicles to score higher.
* Unlock Customize to choose from different game play backgrounds and musics.
* Survive the "Space Invasion" and try and make it to "Pandamonium."
* Reach higher levels to unlock secret premium vehicles and earn extra gold and boosters.
* Free to play. Easy on your wallet.

Last updated 10 Nov 2017

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