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Developer description

Carrom 3D is an amazing multiplayer board game. With features like offline, online and Play with Friends. Where you have to pot maximum numbers of coins who ever pot maximum coins shall win Carrom Board game

It is very Popular In-door game in Indian subcontinent basically in india where all children’s and family members play together

You can play with family and friends and we have customable things like Stricker’s you can choose your own Stricker’s and others things to play carrom board game
Carrom Board Game Features

►Play multiplayer matches in 3 game modes:
►Play with your friends create room and share code
►Play upto 4 player in offlinemode in one device
►Find the players compete with them
►Try your luck at free luck shots and win big prizes.
►Play around the world in glorious arenas .
► Smooth controls and realistic physics.
►Unlock a wide range of strikers and pucks.
Support Us - Carrom Board game is Indian indoor game developed by Faridabad Based company we request all our user to please support us and check out our others apps and games

Last updated 6 Oct 2021