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CartStack helps ecommerce companies re-capture lost sales due to shopping cart abandonment. ... More

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Published 31 Dec 2012

It's said that nearly three quarters of all online shopping cart transactions don't get completed before going to purchase, for one reason or another. It may be that the customer doesn't have their credit card readily available or they don't understand the form they are filling in. It might even mean that their dinner is ready and they will  have to "finish it next time." So, you've done all the hard work to lure the customer  to your site, they've made a decision on buying something but you don't get the dollars. What can be done to encourage those people to finish off their purchase and make your bank manager happy? The answer lies in this eCommerce and marketing application called CartStack that follows up on your incomplete transactions and automatically does everything in its power to encourage completions bar sending the boys around.
Back in the good old days where lay-by's and lay-aways ruled the roost, shops would take down your name, address and phone number so that they could contact and remind you if you haven't picked your goods up by a certain date. So why miss the opportunity to continue down that path by following up on potential lost shopping cart sales? After-all, the customer has already made the decision to buy. Now they might just need a little reminder to spur them into action. Converting abandoned carts into sales can be as simple as reminding your...