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Published 28 Sep 2011

If like me you have a drawer of old and unused mobile phones gathering dust you might just as well see if they’re worth anything. At the same time you’ll be adding greatly to the recycling habit so encouraged in these environmentally aware times.

The online process is simple with Simply log on and enter the details of your phone, as much as possible for evaluation purposes and to obtain a quote. You’ll then receive a prepaid FedEX shipping label enabling you to send the phone in free of charge. Alternatively you can drop it in to a drop-off center and a list of locations for these can be found on the site.

The phones are checked out pretty thoroughly and are either re-sold within the US or to other countries. Any beyond repair are recycled safely with any usable parts kept by cashforberry for spares. Phones cannot be returned in any circumstances.

Checks in payment for phones usually arrive within 14 days of evaluation however if you have a PayPal account the process is speeded up considerably.

Apart from a personal cash raising solution the site can be used as a fundraiser for any project you may be running. By getting supporters to dig out all of their old mobile phones and donating them you could benefit from some useful additional funds.

Despite the name having the word ˈberryˈ in it phones other than Blackberry are accepted. It is also not necessary to include every...