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Trade currency without risking your own money

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Experience the thrill of currency trading without risking a cent.

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Published 25 Apr 2016

I've often thought of the business of currency exchange as being one big game. While traders head to work each day thinking they are changing the world, I tend to think they are literally going out to bet on their future - in just the same way that we bet on horses. The only trouble with betting on horses - or the foreign exchange markets, if it comes to that - is that you can lose a lot of money. A safer way to play the markets is an iOS game like this one.

Cashout is a game based on currency trading where you won't lose your life savings if you don't get it right. You can virtually battle other traders, get ranked against traders from all over the world and hopefully, watch your virtual profits soar. Even if you have no idea what currency trading actually is, you'll still find this game exciting and informative. Oh and don't worry, if you reckon the game might be too complicated for you, i can assure you that you'll pick it up in just a minute or two after you've completed the simple in-app tutorial.

Currency traders make their money by predicting fluctuations in the exchange rates of various currencies around the world. This, on it's own, can happen really fast as currency can soar or crash in seconds but, to add to the excitement, Cashout uses live, real-time market data to put you slap bang in...