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Published 7 Nov 2011

CastTV was set up by a couple of entrepreneurs who found it hard to keep up with episodes of Survivor and The Super Bowl when they were away on holiday. CastTV has developed search technology that aggregates, indexes and presents data on millions of TV shows, movies, music videos, news and sports clips and viral videos from more than 1,000 web-video sources.
CastTV is a free online movie, tv and video search tool developed in San Francisco, California in 2006 by Edwin Ong and Alex Vikati and their services include a video search engine and the licensing of video search technology to media companies. It's search index incorporates both popular and longtail content including TV shows, movies, celebrity, news, sports as well as viral videos. The company filters out expired videos, duplicate videos and video spam to make your life easier. Over four million people search for videos every month through CastTV to find out about their favorite films and movie stars. CastTV's innovative technology enables the search and navigation of video content across the "three screens" - computer, television, and mobile. CastTV searches dozens of sites  including YouTube, Hulu, MySpaceTV, Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and MTV to present you with the program you want.  One of the benefits CastTV has over some of the other popular TV-watching destinations like Hulu is that they poll the networks web sites for new shows so you can frequently catch new shows before they are released to other video hosting services.

CastTV helps people find the videos that matter to them. It's what's known as a video aggregator and provides all the tools when you go searching for that episode of your favorite tv show that you missed or a copy of that viral video that everyone has been talking about all week at the water cooler. CastTV is one stop watching for the noughty generation and provides a place where you can find all your favorite tv episodes and the latest music videos and all free of charge. It's a handsome and well organized movie and tv tool that you might want to have a look at.

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