Developer description

Take your fishing pictures from good to great, and share them with people who care! Catchagram is a photo editing and photo sharing app, dedicated to the sports fishing community.

With Catchagram, there’s no such thing as too many fishing pictures. Brag about your catch, show off your flies or your kid’s first fish, share pictures of beautiful fishing spots and any other fishing-related subjects. Browse through other people’s images, like and comment, and vote for the best pictures to be displayed on the “wall of fame“.

Thanks to a rich set of filters, overlays and other photo editing tools, you can easily give your fishing pictures a “wow“ effect and get the enthusiastic feedback you deserve.

Photos are classified in categories such as type of fishing, fish species, and fishing equipment, so you can easily view the subjects you are most interested in.

The app also offers a clever map feature, where you can discover new fishing spots and see who is catching what type of fish in specific locations.

Last updated 25 Jun 2016

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