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Save money and the environment with a more sensible way to carpool

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Published 13 Oct 2013

[cont'd] a carpool to users looking for a ride to work or another location. But here's the kicker - you can only form carpools with people that are registered inside a common organization. When you sign up with CatchMyRide you must choose an organization - this can be anything from a University, corporate building or local business - and provide some details about yourself. You can create a free account and complete the four simple steps to connect in just a few minutes. If your organization isn't listed, you can suggest that it be added. This gives both the driver and their passengers the peace of mind of knowing just who they re sharing their ride with - it could even be someone they know. You can search for other people inside your specific organization or you can read and sort by reviews, by distance or by the direction they are coming from. Accept or request a ride and carpool with someone you know rather than with a complete stranger.
Next time you are driving to or from work take a look around you -especially at the transit lanes where private cars often have a three-person minimum requirement. Pretty empty isn't it? The concept of carpooling has been mooted many times but, for one reason or another, it just hasn't captured the attention of the general public. CatchMyRide is a fast growing free carpool service that offers a slightly more user-friendly version by connecting people who share a...