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Use skill and accuracy to take this traditional board game 3D

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Published 23 Mar 2013

[cont'd] from the United Arab Republic turns an awesome traditional board game into a lush and luxurious digital 3D form and makes it accessible to everyone. No matter which culture or wherever they may be.
Cayram manages to turn a great little board game into something way more special and the app works beautifully on iPad (especially) and iPhone. It's a game of skill and precision and a hell of a lot of fun to play but the best thing about Cayram is that it looks like a million dollars. The beautifully rendered 3D look of the app is a joy to behold and looks great on your iDevice. Play against your friends in multiplayer mode, gain points and top the leader board. Whoever has the most points when the last chip goes down is the winner. Cayram is a great looking game that is easy to play but requires skill and a good eye to master.