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CBuy makes it easy to dress like a star. Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity was wearing in the latest paparazzi photo or in your favorite TV episode? If so, you can buy it at CBuy - see it, buy it!

Over the last 10 years several companies have attempted to make it possible to purchase products seen on TV, but none have got it right. CBuy believes these companies had flawed strategies, requiring consumers to purchase goods directly within their viewing experience, either online or on TV. With the rapid growth of smart phone and tablet devices, consumers can now purchase directly from their handheld device without interrupting their viewing experience. According to a new Nielsen report, 40 percent of Americans use their smartphones or tablets while watching TV at least once a day. Almost 80 percent use a second screen at least once a month.

The company plans to first establish itself as a leader in facilitating the purchase of exact and similar products worn by celebrities in the latest paparazzi photos. The customer base acquired from paparazzi photos will sustain the service of offering products seen on TV episodes after they air. CBuy’s objective is to provide consumers products the moment they air on TV. This spring, the cofounders from CBuy Inc. met with executives at ABC in Burbank CA to discuss how they could integrate their service with through web services technology. CBuy will be seeking partnerships with networks in 2013.

Although CBuy’s focus is alleviating the consumer pain of hunting down products, the company adds revenue to brands by maximizing the value of their intentional and incidental product placements across media formats, thus extending the scope of a multibillion dollar product placement industry. The company has plans to capitalize on this value in the future, but for now is focused on laying the foundation brick by brick.

About CBuy Inc.
Founded in 2011, CBuy Inc.’s vision is to become the go-to-place to purchase the latest celebrity fashion and trends seen on screen or in the latest paparazzi photos. CBuy’s unique service offers the exact product styles worn by celebrities as well as an assortment of similar products hand selected by stylists. CBuy drives value to brands by maximizing the value of their intentional and incidental product placements across media formats. Visit CBuy at

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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