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Developer description

CCTV video recorder allow you to record videos in background mode or once the phone is locked.
CCTV video recorder may be a camera app that helps you record video with one click simply with the choice to enable/disable camera shutter sounds. Helpful functions embrace continuous recording once your screen is off, regular recording, simple to use one-click Video Recorder

Home Security Camera Recorder :

Expecting you want a CCTV to look out for your belongings, a baby monitor to really focus on your newborn child, or a pet, door, cam to connect with your lovely pets, Security Camera recorder is ready to bring you genuine peacefulness!.
Main Features of CCTV :
+ Video recorder in screen lock mode: Record videos in the background when your recording device is locked or another app is running
+ Record with back or front camera.
+ Disabled shutter sounds
+ An Unlimited Video Recording
+ Free, reliable, flexible, and easy to use
+ Wonderful graphical UI.
+ Multiple video resolutions.
+ Supports auto white equalization with multiple advanced options.
+ Easy storage location option.
+ Easy to configure duration, camera, and video quality.
+ Supports “auto stop” once device storage is low.
+ Multiple video resolutions.
+ Secure well-coded app.
+ Video recorder without watermark.
+ Full HD Video Recorder Camera

Last updated 17 Mar 2022

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