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Published 18 Dec 2011

[cont'd] to the CD Messenger than simple workplace communication, however.  You can create sticky notes in a bewildering array of sizes, colors and fonts. Use a sticky note to remind yourself about a major task or send a sticky note to a member of your team. The CD Messenger comes with end-to-end sticky note management features that allow you to manage its distribution in the workplace, archive it and the way in which you position it on your desk top. You can also use the CD Messenger to create and maintain an unlimited number of to-do lists which you can not only display prominently on your desktop but also organize it into groups with similar outcomes.  Once you accomplish the tasks you have listed, you can safely file the to-do list away as your personal record of accomplishment. 

There have been quite a few social networking ideas for business but CDMessenger really does take the biscuit for efficiency and organizational ability. It offers, for the first time in one big package, all the elements for brilliant inter office communication no matter whether they be over the corridor or on the other side of the wall. Basically, CDMessenger completely replaces expensive inter office telephone systems and not to mention the bullhorn philosophy of old. It gives you many of the benefits of a social networking site without the distractions of frivolous chat and time wasting in the workplace. So...what do you think you'd pay for...