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A great CRM that is free for the solo business person

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Centrium is a user-friendly and flexible CRM.
Manage contacts, store history and files.Track ... More

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Published 18 Sep 2012

Regular readers of our FeedMyApp reviews might remember some comments we made a few weeks ago regarding free apps that are brilliant for the small business person or freelancer. Many business apps have a free version for the single user and Centrium CRM is one of those that really should make those freelancers sit up and take notice. This fully brandable and very user-friendly customer relations management app gives the single user all the same benefits as the paid user including the ability to track your business from first contact through to final payment.
Centrium is a user-friendly and flexible CRM that lets you manage all your contacts (both people and companies) and store your complete history and files. You can easily track deals and tasks as well as using smart notifications, comments and easy to use permissions. Share everything with your team if there is one, or keep all your info secure and private. It 's simple to add notes, files and photos and document your full contact history. Comment and share with your team, work together. You can brand your CRM by uploading your logo, selecting a theme and make it your own. Integrate with Gmail, Mailchimp, Skype or anything else you wish to add to completely personalize your work. What's more, if you are a solo business person and often out on the road, you can take your office with you!
I can't see anything wrong with this rather impressive CRM - it looks...