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Published 11 Nov 2011

The Certify expense management app is very comprehensive and should make life a whole lot easier for both the guy out on the road and the poor bean counter back at the office.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of being a sales guy will know only too well how their car can quickly resemble a trash can with receipts for just about everything stuffed in any available space. The poor bean counter will also shudder at the thought of all those spread sheets coming in at the end of a month with crumpled and torn scraps of paper stapled to them. Then of course there are the missing ones as well!

Certify can make the whole procedure of expense claims and approvals so much easier with absolutely no need to ping any paper around at all. For a start receipts can be photographed on any mobile device and simply emailed to the relevant Certify account. In fact there heaps of ways to get receipts logged; scan and email, fax, SMS or simply forward electronic ones.

Company credit card usage is easily handled too with an add-on that lets you import the entries on an online statement.  From a security angle this does not require you to divulge the card details.

Expenses can be entered under any specific category you choose and company expenses policy can be integrated in the system as well with any breaches immediately flagged.

For the poor guys whose job it is to approve and...