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If you're suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you're not alone. More than one million ... More

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Published 19 Jan 2013

There is so little known about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome yet there is no doubt that it plays a key role in the lives of millions of people. Indeed, there are more than one million people in the US alone who have been diagnosed with it. This CFS Health Centre fitness and health application has been created by developers who have lived through the experience and offers advice on how to deal with it. It is designed to help the sufferer manage their illness with everything from motivational quotes and music to a goals page and inspirational stories and videos.
If you're suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome then you are not alone and there is help out there. CFS Health Centre includes features that can help you manage your CFS and possibly alleviate some of your symptoms. You will have access to three soothing soundtracks of meditation music of dynamically controllable length, a goals page that allows you to create goals and deadlines,  a fitness calculator designed specifically for CFS/ME sufferers, over one hundred motivational quotes to inspire and excite, two different information pages describing the illness and ways to best manage it and the inspirational story of CFS Centre's creator, Toby Morrison. You will also be able to view several videos detailing how to deal with this serious illness. All can be used as great recovery tools to monitor your progress.
Many of us don't quite understand Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and, to be quite honest, before it was accepted as a legitimate illness it was almost regarded as what could be called 'the bludgers's illness.' This app, developed by experts in the field, gives all the information to debunk that theory and offers intelligent advice to help sufferers manage their illness. The creator of the CFS Centre, Toby Morrison, is one of those inspirational characters who has helped a lot of sufferers himself and if you Google his name you will find a plethora of positive reviews. If you are a CFS sufferer or if CFS is in your family then here is an app that offers good, free advice.

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