Developer description

ChalkStory the video sketch messaging app.

ChalkStory allows you to record what you sketch.... pause the recording whilst still sketching.... in order to create fun animated videos which, you can share with your friends.

• No adds – In order to grow the user base and make it as user friendly as possible the app has no pop-up adds. In order to generate revenue in the future, the app contains a Global page which can be used for advertising (Top Right hand icon from the Main Menu). Adverts will be actual sketches and will encourage advertisers to create fun creative sketches in order to obtain user interest.
• Private Messaging between friends – The app is designed for users to send fun animated videos to their friends, and has the ability to restrict the receiver from saving/forwarding the message using the lock function.
• 90 second video limit – The editor has a 90 second video limit, so the sketches can be as simple or creative as the user wants (From a simple smiley face to a full blown work of art).
How we stand out from the crowd: There loads of other sketching apps out there, but nothing as unique as ChalkStory, as it strength lies in its versatility. You can create a simple video to send to your friends that takes 10 seconds using your finger, or you could be more creative and spend an hour with a Stylus to blow your friends away with your creative genius.
Writing about it doesn’t do it justice, so the best way would be to view some of the sketches on the ‘ChalkStory’ global page within the app (The Global page can be accessed using the top right icon from the main menu).

Last updated 14 Aug 2016

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