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How to get your financial disputes negotiated for free

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ChargeBack bring together merchants and consumers to resolve payment disputes.

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Published 22 Nov 2012

I know this sounds like its too good to be true but ChargeBack is a new financial application that negotiates payments disputes without charging you a dime. Yes, well I know it's hard to believe that a financial transaction won't cost you money these days but it's true. ChargeBack uses new technology to  bring together merchants and consumers to settle financial disputes online quickly and simply and charges nothing for the service.
The traditional chargeback process is messy, complicated and time consuming but ChargeBack turns that on it's head with its use of exciting new technology to resolve payment disputes. They have done this by taking out all of the rubbish that goes into the existing chargeback process and replaced it with a much smoother experience. This very private online service brings together merchants and consumers to resolve financial problems and customers love it because It gets results fast and there's no confusing terms to try to understand. Merchants love it because it takes away a lot of the risk and cost that's present with the traditional chargebacks. Both sides can escape the fees and potential account suspensions by resolving their disputes with this service. ChargeBack is free, painless and works with any merchant or payment methods. Just provide some basic information about the money taken from your account that you believe was taken by mistake and ChargeBack does all the work to get it back for you! They will contact the merchant and your bank on your behalf and use their experience to get you the best possible refund free. When you file a ChargeBack you pay nothing as they make their money through premium services for merchants. They are here to help you get your money back, not take it away. Nobody likes payment disputes and nobody likes customer disputes. Chargeback acts as the middle man to settle to everyone's satisfaction.
A few years ago I had a dispute with a telecom company who insisted that I owed them about sixty bucks even though I hadn't used the account for a couple of years. Despite my protestations over several months they still insisted I pay the money or it would be handed over to debt collectors. To get them off my back I paid them their measly sixty bucks but my last comment to them was that, not only would I never ever use their company again, but I would also tell all my friends about the situation too. The moral of the story is that neither side won. I was down sixty bucks and they had lost a customer for life...and maybe more. No one likes payment disputes and it is way more important to settle them quickly and get back to business than argue back and forth. ChargeBack is an excellent financial app that will fight to get your money

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