Developer description

Charlie, The Steak is an ultimate stress-breaker game. Charlie is a scapegoat, so you don’t have to hurt yourself or someone else when you are angry. Don’t worry, he’s not a real person or living creature. He is a steak! You can hit him, cut him, burn him or torture him – it all depends of your imagination and your anger. Important parts of this process are minigames, which entertained you all the time! There are 4 modes of destroying Charlie (Well-Done, Medium, Rare and Raw) plus funny Photo mode and Lottery for winning meatballs, our in-game-currency. And you can have this all complete for free!
You can find more info on our web page, or view trailers on and

The biggest news in this recent update are:
• New racing minigame – Can you avoid all the obstacles and run the farthest?
• Overall performance improvement – Smooth and faster animations in whole game
• Completely new audio engine – cleaner and improved sounds and music
• Tested on iOS7 beta and many enhancements for this new system
So if you can find some time, look at our app and maybe write something about it, it would be super cool . You can download Charlie, The Steak from (iPhone version) and/or (iPad version). The game is optimized for iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd generation and higher.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015