Developer description

Chat for free and challenge your friends! Chatlenge is a free to use messaging app with a twist, you can chat as normal but you can also send special messages that require your friends a to complete a challenge before they can view them.
Choose from 6 challenge types, unlock the message and score points for every one you complete.
QUESTION CHALLENGE Create your message and set a question and a required answer. Your required answer must be entered for it to be opened. Drive your friends mad, test their knowledge and their memory!
EVIDENCE CHALLENGE Want to see your friends do something in order to get your message, then this is for you. Choosing the evidence challenge requires your friends to send you evidence that they did the challenge which you can accept or decline. Challenge someone to lose some weight, climb a mountain, tidy their room, do something different… you get the picture, be creative, be safe.
DATE CHALLENGE Create your message and set the date and time it can be opened. The message will be unlocked on this date and time, can your friends remember when it will be unlocked…. can they wait for it to be unlocked? Create messages for birthdays, special occasions and seasonal events in advance.
LOCATION CHALLENGE Set a location for your friends to visit anywhere in the world. Only when they are within 0.5km of your location can they view your hidden message.
PUZZLE CHALLENGE Create a picture puzzle from one of your photos for your friends to solve. Not only will they be able to view your hidden message on solving the puzzle but they can see your original picture too.
ANAGRAM CHALLENGE Like word games? Create an anagram from a word or phrase which must be solved to unlock your hidden message.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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