Developer description

Did you know that post sales fail because potential clients lacked live contact with sellers? Chatterduck allows website owners to provide quality live support and answer customers questions. In particular, after few small steps site owner is requested to put small JavaScript snippet in HTML code. This will add small chat bubble on website which will be expanded after user clicks it. Our service operates messages and binds them to operators. After visitor starts chatting, it is assigned one of the currently free operators who receive it in their chat clients. Why chatterduck is better than other similar services? Because it is free, easy to use, customizable and efficient. In addition it uses open XMPP which mean it can be used with many clients, such as Pidgin. The whole setup will take 5 minutes and there are options to adapt widget to website design. One can also see logs of previous talks in our system. We built this services initially for our own usage because other alternatives were expensive. We are excited to offer this service for free.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015