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Chatwee provides free, fast and easy way of communication between guests on website. People can ... More

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Published 18 Jul 2012

It's not so long ago that the only time you'd see a chat window on a site would be if it had some sort of sexual connotation but we are way past that now. These days the chat window proves itself to be a very useful tool whether you have a business website or a personal blog. Chatwee is a totally free chat widget that you can place on your website or blog with no coding or technical knowledge required. Use it to let your visitors converse or maybe you can use it in business as your real-time customer service portal.
Chatwee provides a free, fast and easy way of chat between guests on your blog or website simply by using the coding free, html chat widget. The chat widget is inseparably attached to the bottom of the page so your visitors can browse and chat in your website simultaneously. The clean and non-distractive interface is a familiar one and easy to use. Visitors can simply chat on your website in public mode or start a private conversation with any person from the user's list. The Chatwee infrastructure is based on HTML and Javascript standards making certain that communication works fine and fast everywhere and every time! Chatwee is hosted separately from your website and does not interfere with your code making it 100% safe to use. Just sign up in a moment and embed the widget to your website and your own chat box is ready to use. The chat widget is inseparably attached to the bottom of the page so your visitors can browse and chat in the website simultaneously.
The beauty of the Chatwee widget is that it's free and the fact that it's 'oh-so-simple' to use but it doesn't have to be just a novelty for your site or blog. Answer your visitors' questions there and then and deliver the best customer service help desk around. Use it as a marketing tool to bring people in and keep them there for a while as they look at your site. Or meet new people or old friends who have taken the time to visit and look through your blog. If you've got something to say or something to sell - this free Chatwee widget could come in very handy.

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