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Developer description

Chatwing is a highly flexible chatting tool that easily fits in any website platform. This app is also loaded with a lot of features that further boost its chatting capabilities which make one of the most sophisticated chatting tools found in the internet. Now that it's also available on Android, users can experience its chatting prowess firsthand on their mobile phones.

With Chatwing, you can modify your chatroom down to its very last detail, allowing you to create multiple unique chatrooms with ease. You can even use your very own image to brand it with your product or services so it doubles as a marketing tool as well. Further customizations allow you to change its login options, social sharing options, chatroom network options and more.

While chatting inside, the users can add in links, images and videos as well. Through this, they can have a better chatting experience. Its newest feature addition allows users to communicate privately with each other by simply clicking on the PM icon on the chatroom. This way, users can safely chat with one another in private.

Chatwing is a free tool, though it has 8 premium features. Each costs $1 per month and it is similar to AWS amazon web services where you pay only for the features you want. For example, you can hide the Chatwing logo and display your own, that is quite popular as it turns the chat into a full white label experience.

The tool is undergoing continuous tinkering so more features are sure to come to further compliment it.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015