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Chatwing is a free live chat tool for any website or blog. In a matter of seconds you can have ... More

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Published 27 Apr 2012

Chatwing is a simple and free chat room application that could be the icing on the cake for your blog or website by allowing you to create and embed a social chat element within your site with just a couple of lines of HTML code. It is a lightweight but fast and reliable way of giving your visitors a communication portal with all the safety measures like deletion, banning as well as word filter options. It's also a great way of increasing the traffic to your site as well as providing a source of income.
Chatwing is a free live chat tool for any website or blog that gives you the opportunity to get paid for clicks while providing your visitors with a real-time communication tool. It is a lightweight, reliable, fast and free widget which making chatting simple on your blogs and is very easy to create and customize. Users don’t need any technical knowledge to create any number of attractive widgets for any number of sites allowing your visitors the chance to communicate between each other. In a matter of seconds you can have Chatwing chat live on your site by simply embedding a couple lines of HTML code. It features deep Facebook and Twitter integration so users have the ability to login to the chats and share directly with their friends and followers. And on the administrative side,  Chatwing gives website administrators a chance to keep control of the chat conversations with real-time message delete, ban user and word filter options and facilities. 
Well, you've put together your website or blog and it looks great but its missing the social element, isn't it? The thing that's missing from the development of your site is the chat side that enables your visitors to communicate with you and other visitors. Chatting delivers a fully functioning and fast and reliable chat room to your site within seconds. It's fully customizable too, so you can alter the colors for your desired look. The other great bonus with this free chat application is, of course, it's ability to make money for you. Every click sends money in your direction while giving you a potential competitive edge on your competition.

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