Developer description

The Cheat Day App combines the science of habit changing with the effectiveness of 'journaling' to provide users with a tool that kills junk food urges.

For those who partake in a diet which utilizes a Cheat Day and struggle to get through the week without cheating on their diet too soon need a weapon to help them. The Cheat Day App gives them the power to delay eating 'cheat' foods by allowing them to take photos of the foods which tempt them so they are stored in a log which can be referred to on their Cheat Day. The Cheat Day App helps users delay their eating urges by keeping track of them.

This app is a weapon to help people get through the difficult 'healthy eating' days to arrive at Cheat Day being able to indulge in the foods they truly crave, guilt-free.

Cheat Day App lets you:

● Take photos off all your food urges during the week and store them in a week by week view

● Access your Cheat food menu on your cheat day to be able to remember and devour the urges you had during the week

● Create beautiful collages of your Cheat food photos to share with your friends via email, FB, and twitter(and make them jealous)

● Access the latest Cheat Day resources and recommendations

Why feel guilty about cheating on your diet? This iPhone app encourages 'cheating' and takes out the guilt factor by helping people delay their food urges until the right day.

Cheat Day App ($1.99) is available today in the iTunes Store ( You can read more about it and see the app trailer on the website ( You can find screenshots here on the press page(

Last updated 6 Aug 2015