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Service providers can’t answer the phone while rendering services or when offices are closed. They miss potential clients & take 10 minutes returning calls to compare calendars. They spend hours sending reminder emails & thank-you follow ups amid juggling activities to grow their business. This problem affects paid service providers as well as government departments, schools, & non-profits.
Most think placing a form on their website for people to request appointments will solve the problem. They realize afterward that without 2-way calendar sync or necessary email communications the form is just another piece of the workload.
Our online appointment scheduling solution is, essentially, a shopping cart for services. We eliminate the missed calls and no-show problems by providing a cloud-based software for providers to display their availability through, embed on their website, and customize email + text message notifications to go out automatically.
We allow providers to get important forms filled out upon booking, request payment upfront, deliver invoices, and send follow-ups after service with client-satisfaction survey links. All businesses have very different needs for number of staff & locations, length and type of services & classes, and resources allotted to each appointment.
Online scheduling is a complex combination of all these needs in an effort to provide an easily available solution that’s fast and reliable to clients. We have used big data technology to make a real-time display of a service provider’s availability to increase the number of appointments they have booked while avoiding any double booking issues.
On average users report that after implementing at least 70% (and up to 99%) of their new and recurring business happens through their checkAppointments scheduler without even needing a phone call.

Last updated 15 Jun 2014

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