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Web Mobile vs. Native Apps – App Designers Discuss Pros and Cons

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Published 14 Aug 2014

[cont'd] user. Mobile Web has its place in the marketplace, and in some instances can be a quicker alternative to installing a new app, but HTML5 has its limitations ... both in UI and UX. 

Rick Steele, Vegaster

It was a no brainer for us at Betify to develop a native app for the following reasons: 1. Experience – we wanted it to be seamless and wow the user. For this reason a hybrid app was ruled out. 2. Discoverability – we believe that apps still have an advantage, as they can get featured in the App Store and are easier to find. 3. Retention – quick launch from the springboard, push notifications, caching data, are things that aren’t optimized on a webpage. 4. Technology – we have big plans to integrate amazing tech within the app (such as beacons) to enhance the experience, which we wouldn’t be able to do with a Web app.

Samuel Huber, Betify

By Jim Glade