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Published 30 Apr 2014

This is not a review like the ones that we usually feature here. It's not going to solve your business conundrums and it's not an addictive and fun game that'll keep you amused for a few hours. Child Harm Risk Assessment is a health and wellbeing application for Android that was put together by noted Australian mental health professional Peter Kohleis with the object of laying down all the information needed when assessing the mental health of young people. It offers an easy-to-use, evidence informed clinical assessment of a young person's state of mind and meets all the requirements of Australian (and, in some cases International) standards.
The suspected Child Harm Risk Assessment is an evidence informed platform that provides information on the necessary protocols when advocating for a child’s or young person’s wellbeing. Practitioners can use the child harm risk assessment to meet statutory reporting requirements and to view risk and protective factors when making informed decisions. It is particularly powerful when the mental state examination is also used to support the clinical response. The practitioner can easily complete an evidence informed clinical risk assessment and take the guesswork out of their child harm observations. The app examines all aspects of the young person's mental state with an all-in-one assessment that includes self-harm and suicide, sexual harm and aggression and violence issues as well as the general mental state of the patient. It also offers a well-stacked online library that runs the whole gamut of mental health and case management. This mobile app uses factual and evidence based information to attain a clinical assessment of all aspects and circumstances to ensure the child's safety. It also reviews the environmental effects as well as many other factors including the monitoring child harm risk and protection. The child harm assessment ratings are based upon the absence or presence of risk and protective factors. Kohleis first developed and incorporated the Mental State Examination and clinical risk protocols into a web-based case management platform and, since then, thousands of assessments have since been completed. And now, theres a mobile version. These mental health and clinical risk assessments currently work for Kohleis' team, but if you find they don't work for you, they'll even give you your money back!
As I said earlier, this isn't the normal kind of app that we feature here but it certainly has plenty of merits to warrant its inclusion. For a start, it helps fund and sustain Kohleis' successful mental health workforce. Child Harm Risk Assessment is a password-protected guide that covers every aspect of Australian child protection requirements. It's goal is to deliver a virtual blueprint of the necessary guidelines of mental health in young people today. It gives concerned parties the tools to learn about, monitor and record all the relevant information that surround a young person's mental -condition. It has a regular one-off price of AUS$69.99 but there's an early bird special price of AUS$49.99 if you are quick. You'll also get free unlimited access to the TakeOut mental health assessment resources that includes over 100 ebooks, guides, checklists and templates.

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