Developer description

Chips of Fury is an app made for playing poker within your private groups. Unlike most other apps which are designed for playing against anonymous players online, Chips of Fury is specially made for playing in a very "home game" style.

It is simple, fast and clutter free - No Logins, No buying chips or rake. Some features that are unique to Chips of Fury are :
- Dealer's choice style of play - change game variations on any hand.
- A unique chips only mode - bring your own cards and use the Chips of Fury app just for betting!
- Game speed is not enforced - so in settings where everyone is playing together and a lot of game talk and other banter is going on, players can play slow.
- For remote play, in-app chat is seamlessly integrated. It's like a messenger integrated into the poker app.

Last updated 2 Oct 2020