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Guess Who your friends are when a favorite board game goes digital

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This is a modern take on the classic board game - Guess Who. It is a two-player picture based ... More

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Published 19 May 2013

Do people still play real board games, I wonder. One thing's for sure, it's getting harder and harder to find a true toy store that sells these sort of games. The problem is, I guess, that with so many games now being transformed into games that can be played digitally there is a perception that if they ain't on your smartphone or tablet then they aren't worth playing. The introduction of the incredibly user-friendly iPad a few years back and the consequent rise of the tablet revolutionized the market even more and opened up all these games to a new technology geared audience. Choozwho is one of those such games. Do you remember playing a game called Guess Who when it introduced in the '80's. This fun and very entertaining free game is a two-player picture based guessing game where players take turns to identify the mystery celebrity orf rind that their opponent has picked by asking simple yes/no questions.
ChoozWho is a modern take on the classic board game  It is a two-player picture based guessing game, packed with the latest celebrities, where users pick a mystery face and have to take it in turns to try and work out who their opponent has picked. Users can play anonymously against other players or connect to their Facebook account and play against their friends. Earn virtual tokens from the games you win and collect and use then to unlock more features. To begin...