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Guess Who your friends are when a favorite board game goes digital

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Published 19 May 2013

[cont'd] with, the user selects a card which their opponent will try to guess. If you play against a random player, you can choose a current celebrity or, if playing against a Facebook friend, you can pick from your mutual friends. Players then can ask each other yes/no questions in an attempt to eliminate some of the faces, until they feel confident enough to take a guess. You can select from the questions embedded in the game or make up their own specific questions. When you think you know your opponent's which card they can make a guess and the first player to correctly guess their opponent's card is the winner. The more games you win, the more tokens are earned and they can be exchanged for badges that can be used to give you advantages in winning the game.
I remember playing Guess Who when I was younger and it was a whole heap of fun and, thankfully, ChoozWho loses nothing in entertainment value when translated into a digital format. While the celebrities format is a whole heap of fun though, the best use of this game is when playing against your Facebook friends where, instead of having Bradgelina or Posh and Beck to unravel, you can delve into the secrets of your family of mutual friends. You can even modify the appearance of your friends' faces with a hilarious range of props. ChoozWho is a great free time waster that reintroduces the classic...