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Chrift is a ultra-convenient Christmas gift recommendation system that takes the hard work out ... More

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Published 21 Dec 2011

Some people are brilliant at picking out presents at Christmas time whilst others...maybe not so. Personally, I tend to need all the help I can get. But it's just a question of doing a bit of research and being well organized about buying presents for your friends and family. Chrift is a gift recommendation tool similar to apps like that aim to give the user a much more comprehensive way of determining what gifts they would adore by analyzing their Facebook profile data.

Chrift is the ultimate personal assistant to aid your last minute Christmas gift shopping decisions by reducing your stress, saving you money and making your life that little-bit easier in the process. It is powered by a state of the art multi-lingual Christmas gift recommendation engine that takes the hard work out of deciding what to buy your friends or family for Christmas by analyzing their Facebook interests and likes from their profile data. While they would smile nicely at you for any gift you might give your family and friends, there's no doubt your gift would be even more appreciated if it were truly 'just what I always wanted' and here you can take the guesswork out of present buying. Chrift is able to create a personalized list of Christmas gift recommendations which is fully custom tailored towards their unique and specific interests. Just sign in with your Facebook login and Chrifti will serve up a list of presents that your friends might like whenever you need it. Whats more, you and your friends details are kept totally safe and secure. Oh, and there's even a countdown to watch the minutes and seconds till the big day...right down to the last second.

If you can't think of what to buy your friends or family for Christmas then Chrift is genuinely the perfection solution. It's a wonderfully welcoming and warm looking app that's very simple to use and totally free. Just look for the Christmassy look of the place when you get there. The only real action you have to put in place here is to sign in with your Facebook signup and Chrifti will do the rest. Chrift is available in many different countries. The US, of course, but then there are versions that cover Canada, UK Australia, France, Italy and Japan.



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