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Published 1 Jul 2012

With interest in Pinterest at an all time high it may be time to look at another free social network application that has the potential to catch the attention of the avaricious app-eating public. Chumkee let's it's members create and post funny videos of themselves answering specific questions, posting funny photos of themselves or taking challenges. It's social side rears it's head by allowing the user to enter  into conversations with others that find their posts fun or interesting no matter where they are in the world. Chumkee translates your conversation into one of over 30 different languages to make it a truly global conversational experience.
Chumkee is a free innovative alternative social network for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows users to get creative and share outrageously funny videos of themselves answering Chumkee questions or taking challenges. Chumkee users, or “Chumkies” as they are known,  can take challenges and earn bananas whenever someone likes their post in this new conversation game. Challenges can include anything from lip synching to a favorite song, having an argument with a stuffed toy or  convincing users to vote for them for president. Chumkee is also running contests for the best responses to the challenges in the Chumkee conversation game. With Chumkee, users can meet people from over 140 different countries and have off the wall conversations with the aid of Chumkee Translate. Keep in touch with acquaintances that you met while you were overseas thanks to the translation feature built into the app that provides translations for video messages and text in real-time in over thirty languages. No more having to rely on a third-party translation app or service before you can respond. Users can also showcase their talents on Chumkee’s virtual stage or just watch other talented members. Through video and photo conversations, Chumkies makes the social network very personal and users can share their daily adventures, keep up with friends or just have a laugh watching others.
I suppose you could say that Chumkee is kind of like a mix between Pinterest, Chat Roulette and a TV show like Glee but it's main  aim is for you to meet new people the world over. Judging by its cartoony and colorful interface I would presume that Chumkee is aimed at the teen audience but there are plenty of people of all ages that will find this fun social sharing and conversation application very useful to keep in touch with friends all over the world. But where Chumkee really succeeds is in its translation of messages in real time meaning you can get your message across to your foreign friends quicker and more concisely.

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