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Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social ... More

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Published 11 Apr 2016

Every business owner knows the effectiveness of location based advertising online these days but, as good as it is, there’s still nothing that can touch good old word of mouth to enhance your business reputation. This is especially true when it comes to the food and drink industry. The fact is, a recommendation from a friend or someone you trust is worth its weight in gold. However, there's no reason why you can't take advantage of both to propel your business in the right direction and to build a reputation as the best place to go.

Cinco is a new localized social restaurant, bar and entertainment app for iOS that doesn't just rely on the tired and well worn process of online reviews to advertise the best places to go. It combines both the Internet and word of mouth recommendations from people that you know. Cinco uses something it calls 'dynamic social recommendations' to connect you with friends who will tell you the places that they've enjoyed themselves. Users can create their own 'Top Fives' of places to go across twenty different categories and share them with their friends. You can even become a tastemaker yourself by listing your own favorite places and helping friends and fellow users to discover the best places in town to eat, drink and to have fun in.

Let's face it, ratings and review sites - while serving a purpose - have a fundamental flaw to them. In general, the people that can be bothered to write something about a place have a bone to pick. Out of every ten restaurants that you look at, nine will have comments like ' the service was poor' or ' how do you undercook a shrimp?' Maybe one bar attendant didn't mix your margarita to your exact specifications. All valid points but personally I would much rather have positive comments rather than isolated negative ones. Cinco works better because the recommendations are put together by regular people - just like you.

You can search for restaurants, bars and clubs near where you are and discover new places to go, based on recommendations from people you know and trust. Even if you don't want to visit a restaurant or bar right now, you can simply save interesting places using the 'must try' feature to act as a reminded for later.

While there are heaps of ratings and review apps on the market they tend to fall into the trap of being completely impersonal. Cinco relies on recommendations from people that you know and people whose taste and judgment you trust. There's been a lot of publicity lately about fraudulent reviews in some review apps that have been put in by the business itself. Cinco doesn't go down that road. Whats more, you won't have to worry about one-off complaints about poor service from random people that you don't know. Next time you want to go out for drinks or a meal, maybe its a better idea to check out Cinco on your iOS for the best recommendations of places to go.

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